Words of wisdom

I have a busy period both private and at work right now. I´ll enter the weekend with these words of wisdom. Happy weekend!

Know when to give up


Today´s pick | If I was a rich girl…

One vintage top

this top from One vintage would hang in my closet. I would style it with white, flowing palazzo trousers and white heels.

Outfit | The fringed jacket

Fringe jacket

Fringe jacket back

Music | Check out Lorde!

Right now I listen to Lorde, the talented 16 years old singer-songwriter from New Zealand. She has taken the world by storm with her mature voice and somewhat creepy videos. She has a resemblance to Lana Del Rey (especially in “Swingin Party”), but she affirms her uniqueness through her lyrics.

Check out the video for Tennis Court, where the fascinating face staring at you almost hypnotizes you.

DIY | Christmas preparations


Ok, a little early to prepare for Christmas, but a few weeks ago I picked acorns and put them to dry. This weekend the kids and I had a little Christmas decoration workshop with the dried acorns. With glue and glitter we made the vainest acorns for Christmas.

If you want to make your own, I have a tip: Spray the glittery acorns with hairspray after the glue has dried, to fixate the glitter.

Thanks for the great idea, Sweet Paul!

Acorn, red and pink

Acorn, black and pink

Outfit | Knitted pants

Black and gold outfit

Black outfit with golden details

These black knitted pants with golden leopard pattern are new in, and they are so comfy. Sweatsuit-feeling!

/ Trousers from Vivikes / Sweater from Zara / Scarf from Acne / Bag from Marc by Marc Jacobs / Boots from Topshop /

Shu Uemura haircare

Shu Uemura

I have been growing my hair for ages, and that is patient work for sure. I am waiting for the side hair to reach the shoulders, and it´s a slow process…

Right now I am trying to give my hair the best conditions with this Shu Uemura remedies. Hope they are as good as their reputation.