Favourites from Northern Women in Chanel

I love exhibitions – especially fashion related ones. A stop at the Northern Women in Chanel exhibition was therefore required when visiting some friends at Tjøme. Fantastic photos surrounded by inspiring scenery. The Verdens Ende archipelago is the perfect backdrop for this exhibition!

The art project is an ode to Scandinavian and Baltic models, styled and photographed by the couple Ingela Klemetz-Farago and Peter Farago. Ingmar Bergman’s earthy heroines have been a source of inspiration. What I like about their interpretation of Chanel is the diverse expressions in the collection. Moods like romantic, fragile, tight, tough, playful, appetent and avant garde are all represented. Ingela and Peter´s personal touch and the surrounding nature tie it all together.

Here are my favourites!

Mona Johannesson i Chanel i ventehallen

This photo of Mona Johannesson is my ultimate favourite. I like the lines in it, and it makes me wonder whom she is waiting for.

Steinskulptur og Chanel

I am fascinated by the way this photo melts into the surroundings.

Freja i Chanel

Freja Beha Eriksen is far from less-is-more in this photo. My associations go to the glam-rockers in the early 1980-ies.

Gjennomskitig Chanel

It is something about the light in this photo…

Siri spøkelse i Chanel

This photo of Siri Tollerød is more art than fashion for me, and I would absolutely clean one of my walls for it. Ethereal and scary!

The portfolio holds 300 photos of 45 Nordic and Baltic models, and only a small selection is shown in the touring exhibition. If you want to see them all, you can buy the book Northern Women in Chanel for €175. It is candy for your eyes, and the profits go to Save the Children.

Dagens antrekk

I strolled around with my camera, a dress from Zara and wedge sneakers from Ash.


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