Hot hair

I am thrilled by the fact that hair accessories are back this fall! My hair has never been my strongest asset, so everything that can make it “shine” is welcomed.  I particularly liked Rodarte´s up-do with star hairpins.

Rodarte hair fall 2012

Dolce & Gabbana did not stop at statement necklaces and statement earrings. They also added statement hair jewels on the runway. Love the non-Scandinavian way of accessorizing!
Most high street stores have budget friendly copies.

Dolce & Gabbana hair fall 2012

I am also inspired by Styledevil´s supercute flower ensemble, and have already increased my flower pin collection to go for a copycat.

Now I just need some time to work on these hairdos…

Images in courtesy of Vogue UK.


One Comment on “Hot hair”

  1. […] As mentioned earlier I have stacked up a serious collection of flower pins, that I will do something fun with at a suitable occasion. Today I tested a few black and white flowers without putting any effort to it – it took me 2 minutes. Floral pants completed the floral fête. […]

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