Mascara party

Unfortunately my eyelashes are neither voluminous nor long from the nature´s side. Therefore my mascara requirements are high. Mascaras usually provide volume or length, not both. But now I have found this all-in-one mascara, and the best about it: It works!

Say hello to Giorgio Armani´s Eyes To Kill mascara!

Eyes To Kill mascara from Giorgio Armani


Today´s details

This morning I picked the necklace first, and then fount out what to wear with it.

Grey sweater

Cubus necklace

Socks with stars

/ Necklace from Cubus / Sweater from Zara / Jeans from Mango / Socks and boots from Topshop /

Denim day

Denim and denim outfit

Today´s outfit. New denim shirt requires full denim look and cowboy boots.

/ Shirt from Mango / Jeans from Zara / Boots from Asos /


On a trip to Paris this summer I caught the Marc Jacobs Louis Vuitton exhibition at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs before it ended. The exhibition was over two floors, one devoted to each designer. The purpose of the exhibition was to show the two designers moment of inspiration throughout their career.

Louis Vuitton suitcases and boxes

Louis Vuitton basic designs

The Louis Vuitton floor held a lesson in how he made his monogram a luxurious status symbol, and the Marc Jacobs floor took us through how he transformed the luggage and handbag house into a fashion brand.

Louis Vuitton bags

A travel in history of Vuitton handbags.

The Supermodels

Stephen Sprouse tribute

The Stephen Sprouse tribute collection.

Louis Vuitton and Takashi Murakami

The Takashi Murakami collaboration.

The exhibition is unfortunately over, but this book covers it very well.

Knee-high boots

Knee-high boots

Back on with the knee-high boots again. Kind of unaccustomed to it after seasons with ankle boots only.

/ Knee-high boots from Pakros / Jacket from H&M Trend / Knitted jumper made by my mother / Jeans from Zara /

Today´s pick

My bird keyring has lost it´s legs and the beak is cracked. This monkey could be a worthy replacer for the bird.

Monkey Business acrylic keyfob from See By Chloé

I love them!

They are easy to use, gentle to sensitive eyes, inexpensive and come in the most beautiful shades. I am talking about the Flashy Liner Waterproof eyeliners from Sephora. Every time I have the chance to visit a Sephora (which is when I am abroad), I pick up the new colours available.

Sephora eyeliner collection illustrated

Black liquid eyeliner alone can be too harsh for my natural colours, and these eyeliners are the perfect supplement. I can go dark without compromising with my own colours.

On the downside, I have to say that they do not live up to the label waterproof. I always have to refill during the day. I usually apply liquid eyeliner close to the eyelids first, and then apply the Sephora metallic ones in a broader line, almost like an eye shadow-line. Then it is not that critical if the eyeliner disappears during the day. The liquid one keeps the look in place.