Small shops to visit in Oslo

Oslo has great shopping! My problem is that I seldom have time to explore the small shops in the outskirts of the city centre.  So this weekend I found some time, jumped on my bike and visited some of them.

Lille Buddha

Lille Buddha

Lille Buddha has everything you need if you want an ethnic twist at home and when accessorizing. I went there to look for a purse, but fell in love with the red stone earrings on the second image and the wall lamp on the last one.

Su Misura

Su Misura

Su Misura is known to create personalized products, and they often use vintage bits and pieces in their design. Not only did I want to renew my accessory collection while visiting the shop, I also got inspired to start a few DIY projects. What about adding colourful bands to an old rhinestone brooch?
(The upcycled vintage ceramic plate is from Melody Rose.)


Eske Interiør Design

Eske is a true treasure haven. They have so many beautiful things there that I would like to bring home. The furnishing and interior assortments are modern without being mainstream trendy. Eske has fun stuff that will last. I would like to take the round gold pendant home.


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