Camilla Grythe

Retur, Camilla Grythe

I discovered Camilla Grythe by accident because she is a friend of a friend. I would love to own one of her New York paintings. I just think I should know New York better before investing in one. I went for a smaller print called Retur, and one special day I gave it to my better half. We once saw a similar painting of a car in motion, and it was something about it that stuck with me. This one has this something, too. With white framing, this print gets all the attention it deserves.

Fineart has two other favourites by Camilla Grythe that I happily would put on my walls.

Driven, Camilla Grythe

Driven by Camilla Grythe.

MOMA, Camilla Grythe

MOMA by Camilla Grythe.


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