Shoe shine!

I love these party feet photos from when Lise and I went to the MMM for H&M pre-launch on Friday!

Glitter shoes

Fringe boots

/ Glitter shoes from Bianco / Fringe boots from Friis Company /



So tomorrow is Halloween, and we are encouraged to dress up at the office. As I am quite new in the job, I think I´ll go for something more subtle than vampire or Dracula. I consider dressing up as a gentleman.  A perfect choice now that we are entering Movember month!

Gentleman´s outfit

Gentleman´s outfit for Halloween


/ Wool suit from H&M Trend / Shirt from Zara / Bow-tie from H&M childrens department / Moustaches from Tiger /

Flea market season

Flea market chair

The flea market season is here. I am usually not a shopaholic at flea markets, but this chair was too cute to let go. I don´t know where to put it, though…

MMM for H&M

The Maison Martin Margiela for Hennes & Mauritz preview on Friday gave my friend Lise and me a chance to see the full collection, feel the materials and study the tailoring. I am clearly going to give it a shot at November 15, and I think that all men with the slightest interest in fashion should do the same. The men’s collection is very strong, and some of the pieces are definitely suitable for women too.

Maison Martin Margiela for H&M pre launch event

Snapshots from the Maison Martin Margiela for H&M preview.

Maison Martin Margiela for H&M accessories

Very attractive accessories from MMM for H&M.

Carmen Maria Hillestad and band

Carmen Maria Hillestad and band rocked the venue.

MMM coming soon

Maison Martin Margiela for H&M in stores November 15.

Be prepared for November 15 and see the full collection.

Green Day

I often wear mono-colour outfit. As I am not that tall, it gives me a little height to not break up the silhouette in contrasting colour blocks. Today I had a green day.

Green day outfitwise

Green day detail

/ Sweater from Vila / Jeans from Gina Tricot / Belt from Mango / Shirt and boots from Zara /

Three wishes

If I were to buy me a birthday gift, I would go for one of these three things. Maybe not the most exciting wishes, but they are wardrobe stayers.

Three wishes

  1. Julie Sandlau Starlet earrings
  2. (Yves) Saint Laurent golden Arty ring with brown stone
  3. (Yves) Saint Laurent Belle de Jour chocolate brown clutch

Baby Blue & Burgundy

I have been airing my baby blue coat again. I really like the combination of strong burgundy and delicate light blue. It´s like the colours emphasize each other.

My baby blue favourite

Light blue & burgundy, cropped

Eagle Eye Cherry

White boots

/ Coat from H&M Trend / Knit made my my mother / Jeans by Cubus / Boots by Zara / Necklace by Zara / Handbag by Reed Krakoff /