Orange gloves

When you´re a grown-up there are too few gifts in your life. Therefore my best friend and I always buy each other gifts when we are travelling.

My friend just arrived from Copenhagen, and I met her for lunch. Now I am the lucky owner of a very striking pair of Gaucho gloves. They are made of the softest bright orange leather and lining in warm wool. Suddenly dull weather and dark, comfy, warm clothes turned out a little more exciting. Love them!

Dark outfit with orange gloves

Orange leather and wool gloves

Orange gloves & a black bag

/ Coat from Mango / Knit from H&M Trend / Jena from Cubus / Boots from Notabene / Gloves from Gaucho / Bag from Zara /


One Comment on “Orange gloves”

  1. Alyson Johansen says:

    That is an amazingly AWESOME gift! I am an October child, so I love almost everything orange. I am jealous! They look great! (too bad they are so out of reach!) -Congrats treat them well, they will never be out of style!

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