Let there be light

Fiela feather pendant

The look for a pendant to my living room has ended. The South African designer Haldane Martin is the designer behind this beauty, and it comes in floor lamp, arch and pendant. It is made of waste feathers from the ostrich husbandry, and the stainless steel frames are 80 percent recyclable and are shaped by a economically empowered business for people in need in South Africa. That justifies the price, right?

To me this lamp is the perfect fusion of fun, cute and sophisticated.

Photo: Justin Patric for Haldane Martin



Sphinx by Marc Quinn, modeled by Kate Moss

Whenever in Oslo you should go through Operapassasjen (a passageway through the building that used to house our opera and ballet) and see Marc Quinn’s sculpture Sphinx. It is made of bronze with white coating, and pictures Kate Moss in a complicated yoga position. It is massive and impressive, and I think it is a great idea to place it in a busy passage where people hurry through every day. Art on the go!

What if…

…I bought a lot of tulle in white, black and mint green and stitched it to my black dress, could I manage to make a wearable copy of this Iselin Engan dress?

Iselin Engan dress SS09

I have nothing to wear at this year’s Christmas party, and I have dreamt of this dress since I saw Iselin Engan’s SS 2009 collection on the catwalk. I love her work and even owns one of her dresses, so I know how they can make you feel. Unfortunately, I have not seen or heard anything from her for years, so then I guess the solution is to use her old collections as inspiration. I think I need a “Good luck!” on this.

Photo: Costume


While in Stockholm I bought this photo taken by Laurent Baheux – ”Lion in the wind”. The Lion King is one of my favourite movies, so a portrait of Mufasa on the wall is not wrong at all. I have been to numerous safaris in South Africa, Tanzania and Zimbabwe and have probably shot close to thousand photos of lions, but not a single one can compete with Laurent´s way of capturing them, of course. So I feel this lion has come to the right home. I just have to decide which wall to put it on.

Mufasa in home environment

Mufasa portrait

Laurent  Baheux shoots in black & white and works brilliantly with light and shadows. Nature protection and preservation of biodiversity are matters on his agenda. One must love that!

Note to self!

I keep my appointments digital, but I still have room for a good-looking diary in my bag. I think Zara Home makes the best notebooks, and when I was in Barcelona recently, I found a similar calendar. So now I am prepared for a happy new year!

Leopard diary for 2013

Open leopard diary

Today´s tartan

Tartan outerwear

Tartan outerwear

The scarf is a favourite from this fall. The coat is five years old or more, and it was forgotten, I have to admit. They hold exact same pattern and they are both from Zara, so I guess there are some recycling going on. Today I wore the tartan patterned scarf and coat together – too much of a coincidence to not do it.

/ Coat and scarf from Zara / blazer from Gina Tricot / blouse and trousers from H&M / Boots from Acne /

Bronze leather clutch


Bronze leather clutch

Treasured necklaces

I also found this beautiful bronze leather clutch at COS. Here shown with two treasured necklaces; the one with spikes from J.Dauphin and the one with angels from Topshop.