Project Christmas party dress

I started my Christmas party dress project this weekend, inspired by the dress I wrote about last week. The reason why I even considered starting such a project was actually a book about modifying clothes called “Sy om” (alter) written by the Norwegian multitalented Jenny Skavlan. I bought the book after hearing Jenny Skavlan talk about it in a bookstore. She made sewing sound so easy!

Sy om with Jenny Skavlan

The first I did was to pin pleated white tulle to a black silk ribbon. Then I did the same with the mint tulle. I sewed it on, and the started to work with double-layered black tulle.


Mint tulle layer

The sewing process

Black tulle layer

I am surprised that it turned out this well, because I have only managed to sew curtains in the past. That said, I have some adjustments to do before it is ready for the Christmas party – but I think it will work. I´ll wear it with a black waist slip and a leather top. I´ll try to get someone take a photo of the ensemble on Saturday so you can judge for yourselves.


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  1. […] only have this photo of the tulle skirt I made for this year´s Christmas party. I styled it with a leather peplum top, green pumps and green […]

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