Today´s pick

Acne Oxide Waxed White Clutch

We have seen this Acne clutch in many different colours in earlier collections, but this oxide waxed white version stands out. It is not easy to see it on the photo, but the waxed surface and the milky white shadings makes this clutch one of my spring investments.


Estee Lauder Private Collection

Estee Lauder eau de Private Collection Spray

I grew up with this perfume. My mother has used it as long as I can remember. For me it smells Mom. I love the design on the box; silent, timeless, de- emphasized design, and intriguing colour combinations.

Bang Bang!

Right now I have the multitalented Sky Ferreira on repeat. I think she, together with 2Cellos, by far has the best cover of the Sonny & Cher song “Bang Bang”. The song is covered by many artist, including Nancy Sinatra, Vanilla Fudge and Lana Del Rey.

You also find Sky Ferreira on the Saint Laurent Paris ads for pre fall 2013 collection.

Sky Ferreira for Saint Laurent Paris pre fall 2013

UP Fashion Show

Tomorrow I am going to see up & coming Norwegian designers at the independent fashion show Up. Up is a non-profit organisation that aims to support and promote designers in their early career. Andrea Johannesen and Julie L. Parisi are the women behind this great initiative.

UP Fashion Show February 2013

The designers Ingvild Abrahamsen, Jone Nielsen, Marit Seim, Christian Aks, Janne Aunan and Emma Liljedahl will show their collections, all handpicked for this show by professionals in the industry. I´ll bring my camera.

Why red?

My Enie bag from Whyred has the perfect work size. It carries my computer, note book, wallet, phone, camera, makeup and everything else that “lives” in a handbag. And the colour – green is my new black!

Enie bag from Whyred

Talking about Whyred, do you know the story behind the brand´s name? The grandfather of chief designer Roland Hjort was the celebrated painter Sven Erixon. He was known to use a rich palette of colours in his paintings, so when asked in an interview once to tell his favourite colour, he randomly answered “Red”. “Why red?”, the interviewer replied. Sven then dryly answered: “Well, blue then”.

Tiger fever, anyone?

Last year´s must have designer garment was Kenzo´s tiger sweater. The story behind how the tiger got to be Kenzo´s new icon is worth telling. After attending the brand in 2011, the designers Humberto Leon and Carol Lim started searching the Kenzo archives to find a new main symbol for the brand. They found tigers! Kenzo don´t do sweatshirts and the Kenzo customer don´t wear sweatshirts, so they only made a few samples. The huge success came unexpected. Read more on Stylecaster.

Flying Tigers sweater from Kenzo fall 2013

Now the question is: Is this the fall 13 IT-sweater?

Top 3 Spring looks

If I could only pick three looks from the Spring 2013 catwalk, I´d pick these ones from Dries Van Noten, Kenzo and Marc Jacobs.

ries Van Noten RTW Spring 2013

Delicate grunge from Dries Van Noten.

Kenzo RTW Spring 2013

Everyday elegance from Kenzo.

Marc Jacobs RTW Spring 2013

Refreshing monochrome pattern mix from Marc Jacobs.

Photo: Yannis Vlamos,