Tiger fever, anyone?

Last year´s must have designer garment was Kenzo´s tiger sweater. The story behind how the tiger got to be Kenzo´s new icon is worth telling. After attending the brand in 2011, the designers Humberto Leon and Carol Lim started searching the Kenzo archives to find a new main symbol for the brand. They found tigers! Kenzo don´t do sweatshirts and the Kenzo customer don´t wear sweatshirts, so they only made a few samples. The huge success came unexpected. Read more on Stylecaster.

Flying Tigers sweater from Kenzo fall 2013

Now the question is: Is this the fall 13 IT-sweater?


One Comment on “Tiger fever, anyone?”

  1. […] I am seriously into enamelled jewellery these days. I wear enamels in my ears, around my neck and on my wrist. I think this Kenzo tiger would blend in well in this company. I also find it way more sustainable (fashionwise) than Kenzo´s comeback item, the tiger sweater. […]

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