Keep Calm & Carry On

Keep Calm & Carry On

I am a sucker for charming interior design shops, and I always get inspired and tempted to bring something home with me. So when I stopped by Lev vakkert in Oppdal last week I ended up with these new coffee & tea mugs. Keep calm & carry on!


My knitting project

My brown knitting project

I have started a knitting project that hopefully will end up as a brown alpaca jumper. I am visiting my mother´s cottage this week, and she is such a great inspiration when it comes to knitting and needlecraft. She knits complex patterns, she knits fast, and the result is always perfect. Best of all, she is a safe backup if I should not make it to the end with my brown jumper.

Inspiration from Mammy´s knits

Two beautiful jumpers knitted to me by my mother.

Wearing my favourite knit

Wearing my favourite knit.

Today’s pick

Billy chain earrings from Maria Black

This Billy chain earrings from Maria Black are sold as singles, but I would go for two, one in each ear. I think they are perfect to add some edge to a cuter outfit.

Worn out bracelet

20130218-114715.jpgI wear it all the time, this tiny skull bracelet. The golden coating is worn off, so now it is more like copper. I bought it at Milla Boutique some years ago. They had found it at a market in Paris.

My new boots

20130217-203612.jpgI bought this boots for next to nothing on Zara’s January sale and have used them a lot. I love the colour, and the fringes pimp up an ordinary jeans outfit.

The shoes I did not buy

YSL Catherine Patent Pump

Yves Saint Laurent Catherine Pumps – classic with a twist. They were even on sale, but I did not buy them. Now they are gone. Love them, and have made a search subscription for them at FINN


Houndstooth & pearls


/ Cardigan from H&M Trend / Trousers from Zara /