On Tuesday I attended the prestigious Norwegian design award Nåløyet (Norwegian for the “eye of the needle”). This is the 10th time the fashion magazine HENNE hands out the prize to a clothes designer/brand, and the third time for an award in the accessories category.

This year´s clothes design winner was Eva Emanuelsen for her brand Epilogue. She showed a beautiful, clean and classic collection. Helene Torp-Holte won the accessories prize for her graduate collection, where she has used natural material like wood and bone. Congratulations to them both.

Epilogue 2013

Epilogue 2013

Eva Emanuelsen, Epilogue

Eva Emanuelsen, Epilogue

Rings from Helene Torp-Holte

Rings designed by Helene Torp-Holte

Helene Torp-Holte

Helene Torp-Holte to receive the prize in confetti rain

What was new this year is that the winners got to design a shoe collection for Euro Sko.

Winner´s design for Eurosko

Helene Torp-Holte for Eurosko

The design prize was introduced in connection with HENNE´s 10 years anniversary in 2004, and the purpose was to help Norwegian designers to develop a successful business. Three years ago an accessories category was established as well, owing to the fact that Norway has bred some high quality accessory designers the past few years.


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