Finally Grace and me

The Grace Coddington biography has bee queuing on my bedside table for a while, but now I finally had time to start reading. Like most people I did not know much about Grace Coddington before ”The September Issue” and the book ”Stylist”, but then I became curious about her.

I am half way through the book, and this is the rock & roll of fashion biography. Grace has stories to tell from the early days of commercial fashion till today. She wore the hottest designer outfits de jour, hung out with the swinging sixties rock stars and it-girls, and she worked with all famous photographers long before they were household names. Her writing is honest and direct, and she has done all illustrations and the book jacket design herself. A true source of inspiration. I look forward to read the last half of the book.


Happy camper


Palm trees, sunny days and the family gathered around delicious meals. Chilly evenings, but as long as I can swop my winter boots for pumps, I am a happy camper!

/ Shoes from Zara / Jeans from Gina Tricot /

Tigers, leopards and other felines

Nice bags, Zara, but there are no tigers on them! I see leopards, though…

“Tiger” print shopper and “Tiger” print clutch from Zara.

Holiday packing



Casual wardrobe for the holiday, mostly khaki green, yellow and light blue.

/ Sunglasses from Zara / Sweater from Gina Tricot / Trousers from H&M / Knit made by my mother // Bag and shoes from Zara /

La Prairie Protection Stick

I grabbed this with me from the tax free, and will test it this week undre the sun. According to the price and brand it should really work. Anyone with pros or cons?

Happy Easter

This year I abandon the Norwegian mountains for warmer latitudes. I have to say it’s freakin’ awesome! Happy Easter to you all wherever you are!

/Shoes from Zara /

Light blue & burgundy

Light blue and burgundy outfit

Light blue and burgundy outfit

I am not finished with burgundy, and I love to combine it with light blue.

/ Coat from H&M Trend / Sweater from Cubus / Trousers from Zara / Boots from Alexander Wang / Heart necklace from Thomas Sabo / Medallion from Fendi / Pistol necklace from a small shop in Oslo /