Inspiring London

Last week I was in London working, and I had to stay over the weekend to indulge in, in my opinion, one of the most inspiring cities. My friend and I lived in an apartment in Covent Garden, lent through Airbnb. Very charming, convenient and central when shopping and nightlife is on the agenda.  I mostly strolled around with my camera.

Covent Garden

Snapshopts from Covent Garden.

Monmouth coffee house

Monmouth. The best coffee houses only have whole milk, of course.

Collectif at Old Spitafield Market

We did some shopping at Old Spitafield Market. And, yes, I bought the pink dress in the window.

Great style, Mister!

Inspiring people. Here represented by this stylish Londoner.


We had breakfast at Bill´s.

Neon ping-pong

We did neon ping-pong at Ping.

Hope it won´t be long till next time, London!


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