Afternoon tea at The Sketch

OMG, May is a busy month! I wish I could stop the world for a minute and have afternoon tea at The Sketch. Afternoon tea with Champagne, that is.

If you are in London and look for a place to rest your shopping feet, the perfect spot is The Sketch. You find it in 9 Conduit Street, not far from Oxford Circus. The Sketch serves delicious afternoon tea in charming ceramics and ditto personnel. The premises are half the experience, playful and arty. Even the restrooms are an adventure. I had to bring my camera to capture the Start Trek vibes.

The Sketch is very popular, so I recommend that you book a table in advance of your visit.

Tea & Champagne – a great combination!

Afternoon tea with Champagne

Cute teapot pig

One plate for food, and one for dessert.

Yummy at The Sketch

Futuristic restrooms.

Arty toilet at The Sketch

Colourful roof at The Sketch

Fish eye mirror


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