Oslo in motion

A beautiful presentation of my hometown Oslo made by Kristian Larsen. Oslo in Motion was composed from around 12,000 still photographs, shot at various locations in Oslo over a two-week period in May 2013. Enjoy!


My Third Eye

The Third Eye by Camilla Prytz

Sporting my Third Eye enamel bracelet by Camilla Prytz. The Third eye is said to protect you from evil spirits and bad karma. Yellow neon nail polish that happend to match.

Today´s pick | Leather moccasines

The leather moccasine from Zara

Leather moccasines from Zara

The perfect holiday travel shoes: Comfy, a little height and dash quirky! You find them at Zara right now!

Dressed up for Sleeping Beauty

Summer dress with Opera backdrop

Rose gold sandals

Last week I went to the Opera and saw the ballet Sleeping Beauty. A great experience, and stage sets and costumes were a pleasure to take in. Beautiful!

The Opera house in Oslo is a masterpiece! I like the idea that you can take a walk all over the building, and inside there are always new details to discover. More on that later…

/ Dress from Vila / Necklace from Accessorize / Bag from COS / Sandals from Office /

Today I’m wearing…

20130622-205522.jpg/ Skirt from H&M Trend / Shoes from Tiger / Bracelet from Linn Lømo /

The Chloé resort necklace

Chloè resort 2014 necklace

The Chloè resort 2014 collection is everywhere in the blogosphere these days, and I understand why; It is amazing! But the necklace worn by the model on most photos is what I want most of all from the collection. It looks like something you would get as a token of love. So cute, but with edge.

Photo: Vogue.com

Candy bracelet

20130614-213940.jpgToday my daughter made me this citrus coloured bracelet. The pearls look like candy. It is a perfect accessory for a black or white outfit.