Nick Brandt – On this earth, a shadow falls

I have wanted to visit Preus Museum in Horten for a while, the national museum of photography in Norway. Right now they show the Nick Brandt exhibition ”On this earth, a shadow falls”. Brandt has dedicated himself to African wildlife, and his mission is to capture the life that is about to disappear with his camera. He calls himself a portrait photographer, not a nature photographer. He takes close-up photos of the animals in their native environment and it makes his work very intimate and personal.

On this earth, a shadow falls - Nick Brandt

Nick Brandt photos

Lioness & cubs, Nick Brandt

Elephant herd, Nick Brandt

Brandt has also founded the non-profit organization The Big Life Foundation. Big Life’s vision is to establish a successful holistic conservation model in Amboseli-Tsavo that can be replicated across the African continent.

I have been backpacking in Africa, and safaris were prioritized on that trip. African wildlife fascinates me a lot, and I think that everybody should get the chance to see the fog vanish from the Ngoro Ngoro crater an early morning before they die. It is breath-taking! As you might remember I already have a lion of Laurent Baheux on my wall, and I would love to accompany it with some elephants from Nick Brandt…


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