Beauty | Chubby sticks

Three chubby sticks

Chubby sticks make lipstick so much easier! I get much better result with these pencils than with ordinary lipstick. Easy to put on, I can even wear bright red lipstick now. I am testing three different brands at the moment, and I think they all work well.

Chubby sticks - three colours

The one from Nars sticks very well, and when it fades, I dont have these red stained dry lips that I usually get from lipsticks. Clinique´s chubby stick feels like a lip balm and has hydrating qualities. The one from Dior is the one that feels most similar to an ordinary lipstick, and I have to reapply it more often than the two others. Might be because the shade is lighter, of course.


5 Comments on “Beauty | Chubby sticks”

  1. Sam says:

    Is that miniature IKEA furniture? lol. I’ve never seen a chubby stick before. Quite a strange name for a makeup product. ;P

    • Ingebjørg says:

      Yes, I found the miniature IKEA furniture at the children’s department at IKEA. Useless, but fun 🙂
      I think Clinique was the first brand to start using the term chubby stick. Great name, because that´s what they are!

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