Art | The tea party no one showed up to

The tea party... Cathrine-Geheb

The tea party no one showed up to - Cathrine-Geheb

The first time I ever used money on art, I bought this picture made by Kathrine Geheb. The title is “The tea party no one showed up to”, so it is not exactly a jolly situation pictured it it, but I love the different shades of grey and all the details. Worth sharing with you.


Hermès Silk Knots

Hermès Silk Knots

So many scarves, but not very creative with them? Same here.
Today I downloaded the Silk Knots mobile application from Hermès. It is a step-by-step direction on how to tie different knots, illustrated by photos and videos. Hermès will update the app with new knots every season.

 As Hermès says it: Play with your scarves!

Outfit | The collar

Large collar & flared jeans

Large collarI am good at buying white shirts, but not that good when it comes to using them. This shirt has been in my closet for a while, and I bought it because of the collar. Jewellery will go great with it for a more dressed up look. I guess I should start wearing it more often.

/ Shirt and sweater from Zara / Flared jeans from H&M /

Today´s colours | Shades of blue

Shades of blue

I am still into shades of blue, and today I added a lilac scarf. After using mostly reds and yellows for years, blue shades are refreshing additions in my wardrobe.

/ Cardigan from Cubus / Scarf from Acne / Clutch from COS /

September wishes

Black wishes

Dress from Zara, wool and shearling biker from Iro and sneakers from Givenchy.

Outfit | Blue and purple

Lilac & blue outfit

Lilac & blue

We got a dark blue velvet sofa not long ago, and now I am trying to convince the rest of the family that dark purple walls would go great with it. My man is sceptic, but while I wait for him to come around I might as well wear the colour combination.

/ Cardigan from Cubus / Velvet trouses from Monki / Boots from Notabene /

Shopping | Basic boots

Notabene boots

I seldom leave Notabene in Copenhagen without a bag. I am fortunately not able to go there very often. At my last visit I found these basic boots with a twist. Perfect for busy days and bad weather.