Words of wisdom

I have a busy period both private and at work right now. I´ll enter the weekend with these words of wisdom. Happy weekend!

Know when to give up


Art | The tea party no one showed up to

The tea party... Cathrine-Geheb

The tea party no one showed up to - Cathrine-Geheb

The first time I ever used money on art, I bought this picture made by Kathrine Geheb. The title is “The tea party no one showed up to”, so it is not exactly a jolly situation pictured it it, but I love the different shades of grey and all the details. Worth sharing with you.

Art | Esra Røise

Sisters by Esra Røise

I have been a fan of the illustrator Esra Røise´s stroke for a long time. A few years back I insisted on commissioning her for a project, and the result was fabulous. Today I finally came around to get one of her prints for my own wall. I picked one that is a little different from the characteristic Esra Røise pictures, I think. I chose it because of the colours, the atmosphere it holds and the fact that it is called Sisters. It will be a perfect gift to my two girls.

So, I have many other favourites, too, like these three: Secrets, Cameraface and Now is the only time I know. If you like them too, you can buy them online in Esra Røises shop.

Esra Røise favourites

Snapshots | Côte d’Azur

The holiday is over and I am slowly getting back into daily routines. And it is totally ok. I am rested and energetic and ready for fall. I bring lots of memories from lovely summer days with family and friends with me. Here are some snapshots from Côte d’Azur.

Lucky stairs

Colourful bike

Naughty gnomes


Art | Kvitter exhibition

Kvitter, Holm gård

The two artists Rita Rohdin Nyhuus and Tina Rørvik show respectively spray-paint and watercolours in perfect harmony at Holm gård these days. The exhibition Kvitter (twitting) is dedicated to the meeting between the two artists, two art forms and human and nature. The spray paints of Rita Rohdin Nyhuus especially appealed to me. I even brought a painting home, which I´ll show you later.


Bird on street lamp

Paradise bird in the hair

Little girl and bird

Eagle on iron

Kvitter vernissage at Holm gård

The exhibition closes at 28 July, so if you are in the neighbourhood you better hurry up! If not, you can learn more about their collaboration at flymaskineri.blogspot.no.

Nick Brandt – On this earth, a shadow falls

I have wanted to visit Preus Museum in Horten for a while, the national museum of photography in Norway. Right now they show the Nick Brandt exhibition ”On this earth, a shadow falls”. Brandt has dedicated himself to African wildlife, and his mission is to capture the life that is about to disappear with his camera. He calls himself a portrait photographer, not a nature photographer. He takes close-up photos of the animals in their native environment and it makes his work very intimate and personal.

On this earth, a shadow falls - Nick Brandt

Nick Brandt photos

Lioness & cubs, Nick Brandt

Elephant herd, Nick Brandt

Brandt has also founded the non-profit organization The Big Life Foundation. Big Life’s vision is to establish a successful holistic conservation model in Amboseli-Tsavo that can be replicated across the African continent.

I have been backpacking in Africa, and safaris were prioritized on that trip. African wildlife fascinates me a lot, and I think that everybody should get the chance to see the fog vanish from the Ngoro Ngoro crater an early morning before they die. It is breath-taking! As you might remember I already have a lion of Laurent Baheux on my wall, and I would love to accompany it with some elephants from Nick Brandt…

So sad, but cute!

Short story

I hope he finally found someone that made him happy ever after…