Shu Uemura haircare

Shu Uemura

I have been growing my hair for ages, and that is patient work for sure. I am waiting for the side hair to reach the shoulders, and it´s a slow process…

Right now I am trying to give my hair the best conditions with this Shu Uemura remedies. Hope they are as good as their reputation.


Beauty | Chubby sticks

Three chubby sticks

Chubby sticks make lipstick so much easier! I get much better result with these pencils than with ordinary lipstick. Easy to put on, I can even wear bright red lipstick now. I am testing three different brands at the moment, and I think they all work well.

Chubby sticks - three colours

The one from Nars sticks very well, and when it fades, I dont have these red stained dry lips that I usually get from lipsticks. Clinique´s chubby stick feels like a lip balm and has hydrating qualities. The one from Dior is the one that feels most similar to an ordinary lipstick, and I have to reapply it more often than the two others. Might be because the shade is lighter, of course.

Beauty | Chanel Le Vernis nail colours

Chanel nail colours, Taboo & Bel-Argus

I have invested in these two nail colours for fall, and have already tried them out.

Chanel Le Vernis Taboo

Taboo looks burgundy in most lights, but in bright daylight it turns lilac.

Chanel Le Vernis, Bel-Argus

I had a coffee with a friend the other day, and she wore Bel-Argus. The bright blue nails reminded me of auto painting. Fascinating!

Focus on eyebrows

Eyebrow products

I think the eyebrow colours that lasts for weeks gives the best result for darker eyebrows. Unfortunately I am allergic to peroxide, so I am constantly searching for alternatives. Right now I am using a combination of Depend eyebrow designer and Bobbi Brown eyebrow gel, and am quite satisfied.

Eyebrow products

The Depend eyebrow designer pen has a smart tip that colours the hairs only, and not the skin. The result looks very natural, some will probably find the result too light. I fixate the brows with Bobbi Brown eyebrow gel for a lasting result.

Eyebrow products

La Prairie Protection Stick

I grabbed this with me from the tax free, and will test it this week undre the sun. According to the price and brand it should really work. Anyone with pros or cons?

Daily life delight

Bathroom cupcakes

Nothing beats a relaxing bath before bedtime after a busy day and another yet to come. Good smell shaped as a cupcake makes it even better.

Estee Lauder Private Collection

Estee Lauder eau de Private Collection Spray

I grew up with this perfume. My mother has used it as long as I can remember. For me it smells Mom. I love the design on the box; silent, timeless, de- emphasized design, and intriguing colour combinations.