DIY | Christmas preparations


Ok, a little early to prepare for Christmas, but a few weeks ago I picked acorns and put them to dry. This weekend the kids and I had a little Christmas decoration workshop with the dried acorns. With glue and glitter we made the vainest acorns for Christmas.

If you want to make your own, I have a tip: Spray the glittery acorns with hairspray after the glue has dried, to fixate the glitter.

Thanks for the great idea, Sweet Paul!

Acorn, red and pink

Acorn, black and pink


DIY | Rug cushions

Rug cushion

Rug cushions in hammock

Time is a scarce asset, and if I had more of it I would spend it on creating things. Holiday gives me such opportunities, and yesterday I finished these rug cushions.

I bought two cushions on IKEA, folded them in two and stitched them together. I used Velcro for closing. So easy and very satisfying to just make something!

Candy bracelet

20130614-213940.jpgToday my daughter made me this citrus coloured bracelet. The pearls look like candy. It is a perfect accessory for a black or white outfit.

DIY Saint Laurent tassel necklace

Kate moss in Saint Laurent tassel necklace

With a string and a tassel from a DIY-shop you can copy the Saint Laurent tassel necklace in 3 minutes. I am very satisfied with mine, and inspired by The Great Kate I used it with a black jumper. Not very photo friendly, but if you take a really close look you might get a glimpse of it.

Saint Laurent tassel necklace DIY step 1

Saint Laurent tassel necklace DIY step 2

My DIY Saint Laurent tassel necklace

Photo of Kate Moss: Vogue UK

My knitting project

My brown knitting project

I have started a knitting project that hopefully will end up as a brown alpaca jumper. I am visiting my mother´s cottage this week, and she is such a great inspiration when it comes to knitting and needlecraft. She knits complex patterns, she knits fast, and the result is always perfect. Best of all, she is a safe backup if I should not make it to the end with my brown jumper.

Inspiration from Mammy´s knits

Two beautiful jumpers knitted to me by my mother.

Wearing my favourite knit

Wearing my favourite knit.

Inspired by this beautiful song and Maria Nilsdotter´s “Bang Bang” necklace, this little piece of art came to life. I´ll tape it over my TV and watch a spaghetti western!

Bang Bang

Bang Bang green

Bang Bang pink

Project Christmas party dress

I started my Christmas party dress project this weekend, inspired by the dress I wrote about last week. The reason why I even considered starting such a project was actually a book about modifying clothes called “Sy om” (alter) written by the Norwegian multitalented Jenny Skavlan. I bought the book after hearing Jenny Skavlan talk about it in a bookstore. She made sewing sound so easy!

Sy om with Jenny Skavlan

The first I did was to pin pleated white tulle to a black silk ribbon. Then I did the same with the mint tulle. I sewed it on, and the started to work with double-layered black tulle.


Mint tulle layer

The sewing process

Black tulle layer

I am surprised that it turned out this well, because I have only managed to sew curtains in the past. That said, I have some adjustments to do before it is ready for the Christmas party – but I think it will work. I´ll wear it with a black waist slip and a leather top. I´ll try to get someone take a photo of the ensemble on Saturday so you can judge for yourselves.