Shoe storage idea

Unorganized shoe storage

I have a shoe problem. I have shoes everywhere!

Nasiba Adilova´s shoes

I don´t have a walk-in-closet or a shoe rack like Nasbia Adilova, unfortunately, so I need to find a smart way to store my shoes without making them unavailable.

Four poster bed from B&B Italia

I am playing with the idea of a four-poster bed with huge bed storage boxes underneath filled with neatly organized shoes. It is easy to find the dream bed, Like this one from B&B Italia, but very hard to find decent looking bed storage boxes.

Photo of Nasiba Adilova´s shoe rack: The coveteur
Photo of bed: B&B Italia


If I only needed a sofa…

…this would be the one!

Warner sofa from Living

I love the blue velour execution and the Mad Men-feel to it. If you need a sofa, you´ll find it here: Warner sofa from Living.

Today´s pick

After I came home from my summery Easter holiday I have had a hang-up on this assembling of butterflies from Etsy. I am longing for the summer; the warmth, the smells, the flowers and the butterflies. I think I´ll get one of these while I wait.

Butterflies on the wall

If you are interested too, you find it here!


What about some words of wisdom from your favourite designer on the wall? I go for Karl Lagerfeld. You might find yours on Fashionotes.

Karl Lagerfeld - Fashionotes

Alber Elbaz - Fashionotes

Alexander McQueen - Fashionotes

Too many cushions!

I have a tiny obsession with cushions, meaning that I too often end up with buying new ones. Recently these two came home with me.

Skull cushion

A true love story cushion

/ Skull cushion from Zara Home / Love quote cushion from H&M Home /

My best friends house

It is so inspiring to visit my friend Line; she has got such a great eye for interior and home details. Every time I have been visiting I feel a need for redecorating my home and do creative stuff. Now I finally have snapped some photos so you can get inspired, too.

White tiger

White tiger from the kids´ room.

The Stingray chair

Thomas Pedersen Stingray rocking chair. Beauty built for comfort.

Norwegian forest lamp

Norwegian Forest lamp by Cathrine Kullberg. I could study the details on it for hours.

The Oslo lamp

Oslo Wood tripod studio lamp from Northern lighting, and a Buddha Line has spray painted pink.

Bathroom details

Marilyn and “I love water” outlet in the bathroom.

Rose and Etch candle holder

The Etch candle holder from Tom Dixon was a Christmas present.

Kosta Boda “makeup”

I might have found the perfect gift for your friend that seems to have everything!

Kosta Boda glass makeup and hot lips

Kosta Boda glass lipstick and nail polish

The Swedish designer Åsa Jungnelius has designed a glass lipstick, nail polish and hot lips for Kosta Boda. I know, they are totally useless; they are only pretty looking dust collectors. But, we cannot all be minimalists.