Music | Check out Lorde!

Right now I listen to Lorde, the talented 16 years old singer-songwriter from New Zealand. She has taken the world by storm with her mature voice and somewhat creepy videos. She has a resemblance to Lana Del Rey (especially in “Swingin Party”), but she affirms her uniqueness through her lyrics.

Check out the video for Tennis Court, where the fascinating face staring at you almost hypnotizes you.


Music | Now I listen to…

I love Baz Luhrmann´s Great Gatsby production, and this song captures the mood in the film perfectly: Lana Del Rey – Young and Beautiful.


Last week I was busy attending the Øya Festival. It´s a pity it´s not allowed bringing a proper camera, because there were so many great photo opportunities. I managed to get some fun shots with my iPhone, though. I consider to go DIY and and put some of them on my walls.

The electronica avant-garde band pop phenomenon Kraftwerk had an amazing 3D show that was more like an art performance than a concert.  No wonder they recently played eight nights at the Tate Modern in London!

Techno pop





Late lunch with Mikhael Paskalev


Today WIMP, the company one floor down from my work, invited us to a mini concert with Mikhael Paskalev. The event is a part of NRK’s series of office concerts. Pure feel-good!

Check out Mikhael Paskalev here:

Bang Bang!

Right now I have the multitalented Sky Ferreira on repeat. I think she, together with 2Cellos, by far has the best cover of the Sonny & Cher song “Bang Bang”. The song is covered by many artist, including Nancy Sinatra, Vanilla Fudge and Lana Del Rey.

You also find Sky Ferreira on the Saint Laurent Paris ads for pre fall 2013 collection.

Sky Ferreira for Saint Laurent Paris pre fall 2013

Early Kate Moss

I´d say it is a curiosity that the rock band Stage Dolls, resident in Trondheim, Norway landed Kate Moss to star in their music video back in 1991. It was for the song “Love don´t bother me”, and at that time the band was quite successful in Europe, and it even got radio time in the United States. Today I guess Kate Moss is a more familiar name to most people…

Do I make you feel like Christmas time?

It is still Christmas, so it is not too late to enjoy Lana Del Rey´s ”Do I make you feel like Christmas time?”. I think it is from last year, but I discovered it this year. Love it!