Outfit | The fringed jacket

Fringe jacket

Fringe jacket back


Outfit | Berry colours

Outfit, & other stories

I have been looking forward to wear this shirt and skirt from & other stories. I love the combination of berry colours. Bag from Marc by Marc Jacobs and shoes from Alexander Wang.

Today´s details

Sunglasses from Ray Ban and earrings from Gina Tricot. A tie pin would be nice on this collar.

Happy camper


Palm trees, sunny days and the family gathered around delicious meals. Chilly evenings, but as long as I can swop my winter boots for pumps, I am a happy camper!

/ Shoes from Zara / Jeans from Gina Tricot /

Holiday packing



Casual wardrobe for the holiday, mostly khaki green, yellow and light blue.

/ Sunglasses from Zara / Sweater from Gina Tricot / Trousers from H&M / Knit made by my mother // Bag and shoes from Zara /

Today´s tartan

Tartan outerwear

Tartan outerwear

The scarf is a favourite from this fall. The coat is five years old or more, and it was forgotten, I have to admit. They hold exact same pattern and they are both from Zara, so I guess there are some recycling going on. Today I wore the tartan patterned scarf and coat together – too much of a coincidence to not do it.

/ Coat and scarf from Zara / blazer from Gina Tricot / blouse and trousers from H&M / Boots from Acne /

Green Day

I often wear mono-colour outfit. As I am not that tall, it gives me a little height to not break up the silhouette in contrasting colour blocks. Today I had a green day.

Green day outfitwise

Green day detail

/ Sweater from Vila / Jeans from Gina Tricot / Belt from Mango / Shirt and boots from Zara /

Baby blue coat

Baby blue coat

Outfit with baby blue coat

I cannot wear any of the angora garments available right now. The tiny hairs seem to fly into my eyes, which turns red and make my eyelids swell. Therefore I was very happy to find out that the shagginess in this coat was mohair, not angora. The baby blue colour is somewhat dramatic, but more versatile than you would expect. I think it works well with khaki green. It is also gorgeous with burgundy, with dark blue and with black or white.

/ Coat from H&M Trend / Shirt and boots from Zara / Trousers from Gina Tricot / Scarf from Cubus /