DIY | Christmas preparations


Ok, a little early to prepare for Christmas, but a few weeks ago I picked acorns and put them to dry. This weekend the kids and I had a little Christmas decoration workshop with the dried acorns. With glue and glitter we made the vainest acorns for Christmas.

If you want to make your own, I have a tip: Spray the glittery acorns with hairspray after the glue has dried, to fixate the glitter.

Thanks for the great idea, Sweet Paul!

Acorn, red and pink

Acorn, black and pink


Shoe shine!

I love these party feet photos from when Lise and I went to the MMM for H&M pre-launch on Friday!

Glitter shoes

Fringe boots

/ Glitter shoes from Bianco / Fringe boots from Friis Company /